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Signs That Your HVAC Unit Needs Assistance

How to Determine If It’s Time to Call for a Professional HVAC Service

Being aware of what could possibly go wrong with your heating and cooling unit gives you a great advantage. You will be able to call for an HVAC service before that problem turns into a serious issue. So, if you want to avoid a rather expensive repair service, then we suggest you keep an eye out for these signs.

  • Weird behavior. If your unit starts and then stops immediately, then you definitely need to have it checked by a specialist. Meanwhile, you can try cleaning the filters and removing all dust that has built up between the fins of the condenser coil.

  • Unusual noises. Every air conditioner has its own repertoire of sounds. However, if your unit start producing unusual sounds, then it may be time to have it serviced. There are many things that can lead to this sort of behavior. Maybe your mechanical components are in need of lubrication, or perhaps a part got loose or broken, or maybe your fan developed severe wear and tear. Whatever it is you need to fix it before it causes more damage.


If you notice any signs of problems, then hire a professional HVAC service provider for help. Progressive HVAC is one of the most reliable heating and cooling service companies in San Diego, CA. We have many years of experience and numerous satisfied clients. Call us at (858) 239-4222 if you have any questions.


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