Residential and Commercial HVAC Repair Services Delivered Promptly and Professionally

Progressive HVAC is a small, family-operated company specializing in HVAC services. To our residential and commercial clients in San Diego, CA, we offer:

Residential HVAC Repair Service – Your heating and air conditioning system makes your life much easier as it prevents you from suffering extreme heat or cold and ensures that you have a comfortable room temperature all year round. That is why, when something goes wrong with it, your daily rhythm of life is seriously disturbed as not many activities can be carried out when you are shivering or sweating. Not to mention that it is not good for your health. In such cases, you should call us, and we will restore the normal functioning of your HVAC system in no time and at decent price.

Commercial HVAC Repair Service – If having the right temperature is important for homes, then it is even more important for businesses. After all, employees will not be able to perform their duties if it is too hot or cold, which will cause downtime and the loss of profit. Not to mention that the clients, partners, and visitors who set foot on your commercial facility should not be made to feel too hot or cold, as they will associate this unpleasant feeling with your company and may make the wrong assumptions about your professionalism. Allow us to be your reliable business partner when it comes to the performance of fast and quality HVAC repair, and you will never have to worry about such problems.

New Installation – Besides repair, we also offer Installation of new HVAC systems. This is not as easy a task as it sounds. If not done right, it may result in inefficient functioning of your equipment and the loss of money on high energy bills. We have the skills and knowledge to complete this project by the book.

New Insulation – Insulation helps lower your power expenses because it makes the “job” of your HVAC system easier, and it will not have to work so hard to heat or cool your premises. Whenever you need an insulation installation contractor who can properly insulate your property, turn to us for advice and quality service.

Air Purification – Clean air means better health and better mood, and you can trust us to provide you with numerous solutions that will improve your indoor air.

You can rely on Progressive HVAC’ s expert help 24/7. So, if you are in San Diego, CA and have HVAC problems, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 239-4222. You will have our undivided attention as well as prompt and adequate assistance.