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Why You Should Consider Signing a Contract

What Is an HVAC Company Service Contract?

In the HVAC industry, equipment servicing is generally preceded by the issuance of service contracts. The main reason for this legal document is to define the terms of service, in addition to the length of it, the cost, and what has to be done, and each HVAC company contract is unique. These service contracts usually include full-coverage, labor, preventative maintenance, inspection, and end date of the contract.

The most extensive kind will be the full-coverage contract. Parts, labor, materials, maintenance, and emergency service should be included. Repair and replacement could be included or available to buy as part of a contract, this will put full responsibility for all HVAC equipment to the contractor in question. These contracts are the most expensive form, however, they are usually the most cost-effective in the long run. Contractors can often end these early should they see mounting equipment costs in the future occurring.

Unlike a full-coverage service contract, a full labor one will not cover any of the installation of parts, which can include the likes of boilers, chillers, and air compressors. Instead, it will cover replacement, repairs, and maintenance. Large building owners, that can afford this type of equipment will be the ones who benefit from this agreement.

A preventative maintenance service contract will include scheduled operations, like filter and belt replacements, coil cleaning, the lubrication of motors, and painting to stop corrosion from happening. These types are cheaper, to begin with, however, can turn out to be more costly in the long run. An inspection contract can be bought annually and can include a certain amount of free inspections. The tasks done under this type of contract are more basic and materials costs are usually not included.

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