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Basic Air Conditioning Maintenance: Air Conditioning Contractor Tips

You depend on your air conditioner during the hottest days of the year. However, air conditioners sometimes have a knack for breaking down when we need them the most. In order to prevent your AC from malfunctioning, you will need to have them maintained regularly by a professional HVAC contractor. However, if you are trying to save on repair and maintenance expenses, here are some simple maintenance tips that you can do.


Check for Noises

Your air conditioner should be silent while it is on, and no noise should be present. One indicator that your AC needs major repairs is noise. However, the noise does not have to be very loud. Even the slightest noise needs attention. Once you have detected odd noises, make sure to call your local air conditioning contractor right away so that they can diagnose and fix the problem for you.


Clean Your Unit

Make sure to clean the exterior and interior of your unit thoroughly. The performance of your system will be improved significantly after you are done cleaning. By removing debris and dirt from the vents, fans, and other components, you can prevent clogging. Most maintenance services offered by your local HVAC contractor includes cleaning of the unit.


Check for Wear and Tear

Even if you don’t open your AC unit, you can still see whether the parts need repairs or not. For example, the wiring and other components can be seen in some units, even if you don’t open them up. If you see some broken wires, make sure to have them replaced. Also, if your air conditioner is leaking, the condenser might be broken.


It is always important that you have your AC maintained. A professional air conditioning contractor in San Diego, CA like Progressive HVAC will provide you with maintenance and repair services that will get your AC ready for the hot season. You can also call these experts if you want to replace or upgrade your AC unit.


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